Spend five days in silence

Find clarity of mind and meet life with presence and new energy.

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När vi är i tystnad ger vi vår hjärna utrymme att sortera
ackumulerade intryck som vi inte hunnit bearbeta. Det skapar mer plats för stunden som är nu. Det är här livet pågår.


“It was absolutely magical. A place full of love, light, calm, nature and rest. I have a lot more energy. Feel how the energy really flows in the body. It has been extremely nice days with so many wonderful moments. "

"I gained a deeper insight into what I really think is important in life. A drive to do what I really want and clear away the unnecessary in life.”

"I gained deep transformative insights and a wonderful calm to take with me into everyday life. Really wonderful.”

This is Your moment

It’s time to get Comfortable

What I appreciate most after five days of meditation and silence is the peace within.

How the nervous system is calmed and how anchored and satisfied I feel.

That helps me face what happens to me, even if it is relatively complex and a bit challenging, in a present way.

I can see the difference between what is happening and my inner processes that are set in motion because of what is happening.

I can be more present with the person in front of me and not as preoccupied with my reaction to what is occurring.

I'm more here.

I am more available to be in relationship with life and less caught up in the reaction to life.

This is a super power that changes life.

Emma Öberg

Meet Your Teacher

This is what those who have been here say

"It was a bewildering but absolutely fantastic experience. I got to be at a fabulously beautiful place, meditate 5h per day, swim in a lake, hike in beech forest, sauna wood-fired sauna, eat delicious food. It was safely restful and absolutely magical. I cannot recommend this enough. Emma who holds the retreat is an incredibly safe and experienced yoga teacher. Do it"


"I feel more joy in life and that I have been given tools to take home with me for the rest of my life. Tools that I can use to influence my life.”


"I survived! No nervous breakdown like I feard for when I
signed up for a five-day retreat in silence without cell phone, TV, music,books, magazines, caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

But you know - it was SO nice! And interesting! Five hours of sitting meditation every day gave a little wood taste in the ass but mixed with a dawn dip in a still lake,wood-fired sauna, long walks in the beech forest, naps, sunbathing in the garden and FANTASTIC vegetarian food!

Everything held by Emma Öberg's loving, calm, competent, humorous leadership."


this is what the days look like


4.00-5.00pm Arrival and check-in, you get your room.

5.00pm Introduction to the retreat and a lecture about the process that takes place in silence.

5.30pm Hot soup dinner

6.30pm Gentle yoga to regulate your nervous system and an exercise that helps you set your intention for the retreat.

8.00pm The silence begins.

DAY 2-5

6.00 am Cold dip in the lake.

6.30 am Soft lovely yoga.

8.00 am The sauna is lit and will be warm for the rest of the day

8.30 am Breakfast

9.30 am Breathing exercises and sitting meditation.

Three sessions each containing a 15-minute introductory breathing exercise followed by 40 minutes of silent sitting meditation and a short break.

12.30 pm Lunch

2.00 pm Mindfulness walk in the forest.

3.30 pm Breathing exercises and sitting meditation.

Two sessions each containing a 15-minute introductory breathing exercise followed by 40 minutes of silent sitting meditation and a short break.

5.30pm A warm and comforting dinner.

6.30pm Evening meditation with grounding and relaxing techniques such as partner foot massage, eye-gazing, and gong relaxation.


6.00am Cold dip in the lake.

6.30am Soft lovely yoga

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am A session of 15 minutes of breathing exercises followed by 40 minutes of sitting meditation.

10.30am Insight meditation

12.00am Coming out of the silence

1.00pm Lunch

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