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About Mangalam

Mangalam is a place for yoga, meditation, and self-reflection. We cultivate radical love and empathy.

Mangalam is a retreat center since 2006. The center is accommodated in an old school house built in 1874 in the village of Dagsås.

Dagsås is situated just outside the small beach town Varberg at the Swedish west coast.

The retreat center is embedded in the middle of one of Sweden's largest beech forest areas. In the area there are both fantastic lakes with clear and clean water and beautiful hiking trails with 1000-year-old beech trees. Here you will find forests that stretch to the sky and form leafy halls, forests where you can roam and enjoy nature for hours.

Mangalam is also close to some of the west coast's finest sandy beaches and nicest summer restaurants.

The old school hall has been converted into a beautiful meditation hall. It has large windows facing west, wooden floors with patina and five-meter to the ceiling, which gives a wonderful feeling of space. From the ceiling hang uniquely designed hand-blown lamps from Bali that float like water drops from the sky. The hall also has a handsome enameled green stove from the beginning of the 20th century, which during the winter gives off a homely crackling and warmth from burning birch wood.

Many people have meditated here over the years, and you can feel the silence in the walls of the room. It is a room that invites presence and relaxation.


Our vision

A world where all human beings develop their innate capacity to live empathic lives.

Se we can be great together.