Our vision

Our vision is to create a more conscious world by guiding the mind to self-awareness.

We dream of a world where we who live here take care of each other.

A world where we can live together and understand that despite our differences, we are fundamentally the same.

A being. A body. An earth. A consciousness.

A world where we honor life in everything.

Where we can act consciously and we can be the ones who translate the love that is our essence into action.

A world where we can understand thoughts and feelings as parts of our inner compass but let consciousness be the place from which we act.

Where we humans are able to see both small and large situations in their complexity and can choose to do what makes us thrive not only as individuals but also as a collective.

Where we can be more relational and less reactive with each other and together create a world that lasts.

A world where empathy and samples are obvious driving forces in us humans.

A world for us.

Our vision here at Mangalam is to create a place where we can develop the capabilities we need to get there.

A place where we can meet, find inner clarity and capacity to love more.